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7 NEW Technologies Coming .....2012

Hey friends here m discussing about the 7 new technologies coming up in 2012.As we know technology world changes each n every moment. In 2011 many new smartphones came, tablets n new techniques came into techno world.In 2012 which techno trends will come.let we take a look on that.
1. Quad core Devices
Upcoming time will be of Quad core devices. As u know about 

Dual core-processor having 2 core. Asus already launched 1.3 GHz Quad core NVDIA tegra 3 processor (the E-pad Transformer Prime) tablet.HTC is also in News for its Quad core phone. Samsung, Motorola, LG can also announce for Quad core Phones as well as tablets. So A new competition will began as it'll come in market

2. Windows 8 :
as u have seen Win 7 performance. Now it’s time for Win8.

Microsoft will launching win 8 this year. Which having New start screen Interface(Touchscreen). this will support MRM microprocessors

3. Cheap Ultra books
Ultra book is a trademark of INTEL.as Intel launched Ultra books then it claimed that 
 Ultra books available on 1000$.Bt it still More than 1000. So INTEL working on 50 different ultra books n again claiming that it will be available at less than 1000$.

4. Android 4.0
As u all know about android. So no need to explain it. Android 4.0 will be available in 2012 with
 many new tablets n Smartphones...Google announced CODENAME ICECREAM SANDWICH already...n current Android system will have the  facility to update 4.0 .

5. Smarter Television : Television with multiple updates will be the upcoming revolution in TV world.4K (3480*2160) can be the next announcement.it can be improving current HD Resolution problems. 
New magic Motion remote control will be available in 2012 in which voice reorganization use for a text input .Built in gesture n Quick navigation

6. New Gaming Techniques:
As Microsoft n Sony claimed that PS3 n Xbox 360 sufficient for 2012. 2 New console versions may be come.

NINTENDO already announced for V-U tablet console Hybrid will be the next change..

7. Mind control Television:
It’s time for MIND CONTROL TELEVISION. Haier Already  research in on his.
Haier plan for launch mind control television in 2012.in this television u can control TV u hav to wear a Headgear who'll catch your brain waves n control in starting u can change Channels, control volumes n control functions of television. 

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