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Hide Your File In Image

Hello here I am going to show you how to hide your important data in image.
1and just follow the simple steps.
make any folder and add your image file and the other file (which you wanna hide behind image) and after that make a new archive and add both the file into that new archive. see in this figure.

I have a two file named alone.php and devil.php now I want to hide devil.php in to the alone.jpg so for that I have created new archive and I have named it new.rar and I have added both the files into new.rar
now open command prompt and go to your folder location. and execute bellow command.
copy /b alone.jpg + new.rar safe.jpg
And hit enter after that you will see the screen like bellow.
and you will found that the new file is created named safe.jpg
Now double click on the safe.jpg it will open image file. so no one can see your important information. and if you want to get back your information then open that image in winrar. and you will get back your data.

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