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Register With Another IP In Forum,If You banned

Is your ip address banned in any forum or website? Can not you create account or login to your account?   Don't worry i am here to help you to create a new account.   Also You can have multiple accounts in forum.

How can you register after banned?
You can change your ip address. Visit from another ip and register the account.  Whenever you want to login to that forum or website hide ip address in simple way.

Don't use your old mail id or any other old details.  Create new one.

For Multiple Accounts:
If you want multiple accounts in forum ,what you have to do?  First register one account with one ip.  Then register another account with another ip.  likewise do registration.  If you want to login ,follow same procedure and use unique ip address for each account.
How to change ip address?
I gave you list of proxy servers here: Proxy Server ip address list
Use those proxy server.
If you don't know how to use those proxy server ip address ,please read this tutorial: How to use proxy to change ip address?(See down)

After setting new ip,check whether it is working or not by visiting "".  If the above proxy list didn't work,then try to search in google as proxy list".  I hope above proxy lists will work perfectly. 

How to use proxy to change ip address?

Hi friends, i give a list of proxy servers about 100.  But i forget to tell how it will be useful ,how to use it. In this post, i will explain how to use the proxy server.
What is the Use of The Proxy?
Hide your IP.  Browse the Internet anonymously.

List of Proxy from here:

Here is the list of proxy server address. use it and enjoy.

The above list is old one.  Get the fresh proxy from here:

How to Use?
Mozilla is the famous browser. So i will explain how to use the proxy servers in Mozilla.

Open Mozilla FireFox.
Tools from menu bar(or simply press ALT+T)
Click the 
Small window Will Open.
Navigate to 
Advanced tab
Click Settings.
Now select the Manual Proxy Configuration Radio Button.
Paste the one of the Ip address of Proxy server and set the Port as defined in the list.
For Eg:
Let's take this proxy
 Here ip address is
Port no is 
That's all click ok.
Now to check the whether your ip address is changed.

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