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What is the Importance of IMEI Number-Mobile Safety Tips

What is IMEI Number?
IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity Number. It is 15 digit unique number of Cell Phone. Usually the IMEI is number printed in the battery compartment.  You can display the IMEI number by pressing *#06# in your Mobile phone. 

What is the use of IMEI Number?

IMEI number is identify the Mobile Device. It is used to deny the access of stolen mobile from accessing the Mobile services of a country. Using IMEI number we can trace the location of Mobile. 
Equipment Identity Register(EIR)
When a phone is switched on, the IMEI number is transmitted and checked against a database in the network's EIR.  The EIR has three categories namely the "white lists", "grey lists" and "black lists". if the IMEI number is in blacklist, the mobile can not use the mobile service.  

Stolen Mobile

Block the Mobile
When mobile is stolen, you can block the mobile from being used by thief using IMEI number. You have to contact your local operator and request to block your mobile. They will add your stolen IMEI number to the blacklist of IMEI numbers. So thief can not use the mobile. 
Trace the Location of Mobile
You can trace the location of your mobile by using Global Positioning System(GPS). Contact your local operator for tracing. 

Online IMEI Number Tracking Website

Report Theft
If your mobile is stolen, you can register with IMEI number in the above website. They will track your mobile phone and inform you. 
Register IMEI
You can register your IMEI number for safety purpose. This will be useful to track, when your mobile is stolen. 


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