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Fake Email


How does Crackers send Fake Email
Readers, the below is basically not related to security. I have received huge number of emails from readers of this website regarding all such script kiddie tools and softwares. Every thing already available on net free of cost so I have not seen any harm in sharing of all these links. 

  • Sending Email,IF we try old methods like from telnet and then have connection with mail server is bit difficult. 
  • In this Tool Gui support is provided by which any user can send Anonymous mail. 
  • While downloading or using antivirus will not let it work,therefore pause or exit your antivirus for a while until you send anonymous mail. 
  • Test It by sending mail in your account.
  • In this Tool From could be any...

  • This also tell us how crackers send Fake emails,Dont Be A Cracker!!! 

Only for the Educational Purposes,Please don't send Fake emails to your friends using it.

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