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Phishing Site in Email

I was looking at a phishing email last night for OANDA FXTrade. At first glance I could see something a little different about it. Instead of linking directly to the phishing site in the email, it contained an attachment (an html file) that you are supposed to double click on. The page is a flat HTML page, with nothing of substance on it, other than a form that tries to get you to submit your data to http://0x47f865c1/webview/images/fxtrade.php (which automatically redirects you to the correct website, if you go there directly).

That’s a fairly clever implementation of a phishing email, because the phishing page is actually on your local computer, not on the web. So it’s harder for anti-phishing researchers to find anything of interest on the remote computer, or even verify that it is a phishing site. But I think I must be getting a little jaded because as soon as I saw the html file I was actually disappointed. While clever since the HTML file contains the phishing site, why on earth wouldn’t they put malicious code in it? Think about it, if someone is dumb enough to open a HTML file on their local computer, why wouldn’t you use it to install malware or something equally bad? To me it just seemed like a no-brainer. I suspect these malicious techniques will eventually converge, but for now, I don’t think the phishers understood exactly what power they had.

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