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Supreme Court & Congress Both Denied Anonymous Attack

Supreme Court & Congress Both Denied Anonymous Attack  
We all are aware oAnonymous movement regarding the decision of Indian govt for controlling internet content. Immediately after this step, few unnamed hacker claiming to be a part of hacker collective Anonymous engaged cyber attack on India's cyber fence. Supreme Court of India & All India Congress became the victim of that attack. Even one of the legitimate twitter resource of Anonymous said :-"Namaste #India, your time has come to trash the current government and install a new one. Good luck."After this tweet we have seen Supreme Court & Congress website faced denial of service attack which interrupts the service for a certain time. Hacker group Anonymous is believed to have attacked the websites in response to the Centre blocking torrent portal Pirate Bay and video-sharing Vimeo. The group is said to have launched “MT Operation India” to protest the government's censorship plan. 

This is not the first time earlier in 2011 hackers from Pakistan have hacked the official website of All India Congress. Also in an attack another Pak Hacker named KhantastiC haXor penetrated the official site of Indian Congress and defaced the Profile page of Party President Sonia Gandhi.
But this time both Supreme Court & Congress completely denies the cyber attack. Congress party's computer department chief Vishwajeet Prithvijeet Singh said-  “The site is not hacked at all. It was not opening for sometime because the load on the particular server was too heavy due to huge number of hits after the news of website hacking spread. It went slow at that time due to over-traffic.”

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