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How to Recover Lost Data : Using Nextbreed

How to recovery lost files and partitions with NextBreed Data Recovery?

NextBreed Data Recovery can recover deleted files and pictures from hard drives, flash disks, memory cards (like SD cards, MMC cards, etc.), as long as data is not repeatedly written over. You are allowed to salvage data lost from virus infection, mistaken deletion, formatting, wrong partition, etc. with accuracy.
The following step-by-step guide will show you how to use NextBreed Data Recovery to recover lost files and partitions. If you want to recover files from a formatted drive, please click on "Format Recovery". If you select "Raw Recovery", it will find more files for you, but will take more time in the scanning process.
After you run NextBreed Data Recovery, you will see the main user interface of the program.
NextBreed Data Recovery Screenshot-1
You should choose the recovery solution for your scenario. In this example I am using "Deleted Recovery" and "Partition Recovery" while writing this guide which you may use frequently.

Part 1: How to recover lost or deleted files.

Step 1 Click on the "Deleted Recovery" icon, you will enter the "Deleted Recovery" panel.

NextBreed Data Recovery Screenshot-2

Step 2 Select the hard drive where your lost data is located. Here I am using the D drive as an example.

NextBreed Data Recovery Screenshot-3

Step 3 Scan your lost files and list them.

NextBreed Data Recovery Screenshot-4
(1)You can use the "Quick Search" option to find the lost or missing files quickly.
(2)You can check the "Use Filter" box to activate the Filter Option, with which you can specify a file type or file name.

Step 4 Recover the lost files.

NextBreed Data Recovery Screenshot-5
Select the files you want to recover and then click the "Recover" button. After you click the "Recover" button, it will pop up a dialogue box, and you can choose a path for the recovered files to be saved. Please do not save the files to the same location from where you are recovering.

Part 2 How to recover lost partitions

Step1. Select "Partition Recovery" button on the main interface. (Please note that Partition Recovery may cause damage to your partitions. Please use it carefully.)

NextBreed Data Recovery Screenshot-6
Click on "Partition Recovery" button, you will then enter "Partition Recovery" mode as follows (Assume your E drive has been lost).

NextBreed Data Recovery Screenshot-7

Step 2 Auto scan your computer drives.

NextBreed Data Recovery Screenshot-8
Double-click on "Auto Scan" option, and the software will automatically scan your computer and find the lost partition named (in this example) *.NTFS.

Step 3 Select the lost partition and recover it.

NextBreed Data Recovery Screen-9
Click on the lost partition named (in this example) *.NTFS, and there will be a pink identifier marking the deleted partition. Then, click on "Recovery" button to recover the lost partition. At this time, the following dialog box will pop out,  please click on "OK" button.

Step 4 Reboot your computer after the partition has been recovered.

After a short duration the lost partition will be recovered.  The software will then inform you to reboot your computer, please click on the "Yes" button.
NextBreed Data Recovery Screen-10
Re-open the software and you will notice the lost partition has been found.

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