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iPhone 5S Finger Print Scanner Hacked By German Hackers

German hackers are finally found how to crack the iPhone fingerprint scanner. The Hackers Group name is Chaos Computer Club or CCC. They demonstrate what appears to be the ability to fool the fingerprint sensor in Apple's new iPhone 5S.

The Chaos Computer Club says that their biometric hacking team took a fingerprint of the user, photographed from a glass surface, and then created a "fake fingerprint" which could be put onto a thin film and used with a real finger to unlock the phone.
They are demonstrated on videos, you may refer the below videos

Video 1

Video 2

One of them in Chaos Computer Club, Charlie Miller, co-author of the iOS Hacker's Handbook, described the work as "a complete break" of Touch ID security. "It certainly opens up a new possibility for attackers."

Till Yet Apple didn’t respond on this issue

The Chaos Computer Club or CCC is the world's largest and most respected hacking groups, video on its website that appeared to show somebody accessing an iPhone 5s with a fabricated print. The site described how members of its biometrics team had cracked the new fingerprint reader, one of the few major high-tech features added to the latest version of the iPhone.
From few days Apple’s vulnerabilities exploring, they are the apple OS and iOS 7 lockscreen feature it is creates the doubt’s people regarding apple Security.

The hacker said the public should no longer be fooled by the biometrics industry with false security claims. Biometrics is fundamentally a technology designed for oppression and control, not for securing everyday device access.

David Emm, a senior security researcher at Kaspersky Labs, said the German group's claims exposed the flipside of biometric security systems designed to replace passwords or PIN numbers commonly used nowadays.

"If my passcode becomes compromised, I can simply replace it with a new one — hopefully one that's more secure. But I can't change my fingerprint — it's part of what I am and so I'm stuck with it,"

Apple needs to increase the secure in fingerprint system and it will caused problems to users if they don't swipe their finger across the miniature scanner properly and the system will locked out of the device after repeated failed attempts.

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