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New Vulnerabilities in Mac OS

A new Malware has been discovered in the Mac OS, and name is  OSX/Leverage.A,  this is found by a security company Intego.

the Trojan horse backdoor are targeted the Mac OS and the malware is a targeted command-and-control Trojan horse. 

As per the Intego, the Trojan was distributed as an application that fooled users into thinking that it was a picture of two people kissing. When the "picture" is opened, the Trojan attempts to install itself in the background while showing users an embedded version of the image in Preview. The Trojan also has a few modifications that prevent it from showing up in the user's Dock or the Command-Tab application list.

Once it’s up and running, the Trojan runs a bunch of commands, such as the typical malware command-and-control stuff like stealing information and uploading it to a remote server. 

The security researcher are saying this malware is similar to what is used in Phishing attack by the Syrian hackers against The New York Times, Outbrain, and Washington post.

This is the new malware, but not much people affected. Apple has now updated XProtect to detect OSX and prevent it from launching

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