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Breaking (VPN Provider) Sniffed Traffic to Catch Hacker is the security and encryption services provider, they admitted intercepting traffic on one of its US servers in an effort to identify a hacker. 

Normally VPN provider is able to spy on the traffic of its customers appears to be have been answered this past weekend when one of the favorites in the file-sharing space quite amazingly shot itself in the foot.

On Saturday VPN provider, a company that has built up a decent reputation with good pricing, quality of service and a no-logging policy, made a surprise announcement. It concerned a server the company operates out of Illinois in the United States which had been temporarily shut down and reopened. is announced this

“We are unfortunate [sic] to announce that there have been abuse complaints about hacking activities on our U.S. Illinois 1 node. We have been saddened to learn that these actions were harmful to individuals (human beings). As a result, we will open this node again and monitor it with Wireshark for a period of 7 days,”

TorrentFreak monitoring was triggered after received a complaint from someone who claimed they were being harassed by a user. The VPN provider then allegedly took it upon themselves to try and sort out the problem. It’s not clear what happened next but apparently the person responsible for the abuse was either found or stepped forward, prompting an apology and an end to the matter.

The VPN provider then went on to give the alleged hacker a public warning.

“If you are the hacker, please stop your activities and leave our network. You are not welcome here. Our heaven is reserved to those who are not harmful to other human beings. If you do not leave, we will find you and report your activities to NGO and press officers,For all others, the heaven is still safe for you, dear ones. We will completely remove Wireshark after 7 days and restart the node so that everything is erased (RAM-switch). All other nodes are left unaffected by these actions” 

Finally announced the last statement "We have decided to install a monitor on our Illinois 1 node so as to locate the hacker. Few hours after we announced this move to our public, the hacker came to us to apologize  We then completely removed the Wireshark installation."

All the VPN Provider are secure and trust, they might be logs and IP address and tracking system and need to keep an eye on web-traffic that's sends through their network who are logged in.

Actually the VPN is the secure service, and they will send the data in encrypted format to the secure server and hiding the sensitive information from the data thieves

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