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Hacker Stolen $100,000 from users of california

Recently a hacking Group had stolen the $100,000 by leveraging user names and passwords taken from a California ISP Sebastian (Sebastiancorp.com)to access victims' bank accounts. the hacker group formally know as the 'TeamBerserk',this  news they are clime in their twitter.

They are used the SQL injection for this, SQL Injection is one of the most common security vulnerabilities on the web and is successful only when the web application is not sufficiently secured.

SQL Injection is a type of web application vulnerability in which the attacker adds Structured Query Language (SQL) code to web inputs to gain access to an organization's resources. Using this technique, hackers can determine the structure and location of key databases and can download the database or compromise the database server.

Hackers are uploaded the a video proof on internet regarding this and the video shows the how hackers used a SQL injection attack against the California ISP Sebastian to access their customers' database includes  e-mail addresses, user names and clear text passwords and then using the same data to steal money from those customers.

Hackers took just 15 minutes to hack into the website using SQLmap (Automated SQL Injection Tool) -- stole customers' database and then immediately accesses the victim's Gmail account, linked PayPal accounts and Bank accounts also.

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