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Metasploit website Hacked By KDMS Team

Metasploit website attacked by KDMS Team. They are a group of four hackers with the aim of familiarizing the "whole world with our unlawfully murdered Palestine." The group came to prominence earlier this week when it managed to hijack the websites of popular messaging service WhatsApp and anti-virus company AVG among others.

Metasploit is the rapid7 is a leading Security Company and Creator of world's best penetration testing software. The company had confirmed attack via Twitter that was hacked via a spoofed DNS(DNS poisoning) change request sent via fax to its registrar,

Now days hacker are targeting the DNS to hack a website. DNS is the main interface to domain name and Hosting Server, So hacker are targeting on that interface to hack a website.

Recently all attacks are based on DNS poisoning attack.

Hacker are posted the below message on website

"Hello Metasploit. After Whatsapp , Avira, Alexa , AVG and other sites. We were thinking about quitting hacking and disappear again! But we said: there is some sites must be hacked. You are one of our targets. Therefore we are here. And there is another thing do you know Palestine?"

Rapid7 had posted an official statement regarding the incident
“This morning the DNS settings for and were changed by a malicious third-party. We have taken action to address the issue and both sites are now locked down. We are currently investigating the situation, but it looks like the domain was hijacked via a spoofed change request faxed to We apologize for the service disruption, and do not anticipate any further implications for our users and customers at this time. We will keep everyone posted as we learn more, and let the community know if any action is needed.”

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