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Torrents Website Hacked is a torrent site offering “free movies torrent downloads” based in India.This website hacked by a hackers, the hacker name is  nairb (SQLinairb) and they had stolen the website data, One of the files contains a list of affiliate usernames and the IP addresses they utilized on the last login. Other files are much more interesting since they contain the details of more than 190,000 users.

The hacker published the customer data includes username, email address, IP address, password hash, secret question, answer to secret question, and other info and also the Server and administrator credentials too.

This Firstly announce by Nairb, and he had posted it on his twitter account, you may refer the attached screenshot.

Till yet was not announced any statement regarding this incident 

I am not sure the nairb’s intention of leaking web site data, but I think he is going to drop something BIG about a torrent site.

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