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US Navy Computers Hacked by Iranian Hackers

U.S. officials said Iran hacked unclassified Navy computers in recent weeks in an escalation of Iranian cyberintrusions targeting the U.S. military.

The Pentagon wouldn't confirm the alleged Iranian hacks,but  US representative told The Wall Street Journal.  The Wall Street Journal published on September 27, claimed cyber attacks against the Navy computer systems had been carried out by hackers affiliated with the Islamic Republic’s government. 

The report added however that, while US military officials have been briefed on the “intrusions,”

The unsubstantiated allegation comes while Iran has been the target of several cyber attacks itself. 

In June 2012, a report by the Washington Post said the US and the Israeli regime had cooperated in creating the computer virus Flame to spy on Iran. US National Security Agency, the CIA and the Israeli military worked together to create the Flame virus, the paper added. 

According to the US officials, the cyber-attacks revealed a weakness in the Navy network and defense system, as compared to other unclassified military networks. Though the hackers didn’t manage to leak information, US Intelligence fears confidential details, including the blueprints of a new cyber weapon, could be nonetheless exposed in similar attacks.

The cyber war between US and Iran started a long ago, US in a joint effort with Israel is considered responsible for the sabotage of Iranian uranium enrichment facilities made with a cyber weapon known as Stuxnet.

The stepped up Iranian cyber-activities are of particular concern to U.S. officials given the Iranian regime's increasingly aggressive behavior in recent years in other arenas.

President Barack Obama and Iranian President Hasan Rouhani spoke on Friday, as U.S. and Iranian officials try to restart negotiations over Iran's nuclear program.

But behind the potential for a thaw in relations is an aggressive Iranian military that in recent years has aspired to counter U.S. and Israeli adversaries, relying on extremist groups and sophisticated offensive techniques at sea and in international espionage.

Iran's elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, with an overseas component known as the Qods Force, was implicated by U.S. officials in a 2011 plot to kill Saudi Arabia's ambassador in Washington.

Iran has denied those allegations and called them politically motivated.

But officials said there was no connection between the timing of the Iranian attack on the NMCI network and the Navy Yard shooting. While the most recent hack occurred after the rampage shootings, the Iranian intrusions began well before the killings at the Navy Yard.

Iranian officials didn't comment on the incidents. This is the second time this year when the US government points fingers at Iranian hackers.

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