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Web Hosting Company Leaseweb.com Hacked

LeaseWeb is a hosting provider based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The company also has subsidiaries with data centers and local staff in Germany and the United States.

LeaseWeb has been hacked by Palestinian hackers, their formally called KDMS Team.

Later Megaupload Founder Kim Dotcom claimed that Leaseweb had deleted all Megaupload user data from 690 servers without warning.

Hackers are replaced the website home page with below message.

Hello Lease
Web Who Are You ?
Who is but the form following the function of what
and what are you is a hosting company with no security
KDMS Team : Well ,, We Can See That :P

How many guys understood the Words what they are saying that is "We owned All of your hosted sites.  Index on your site is the prove ;)

The hacked page doesn't show up for the everyone, the hackers are used the DNS poisoning. We are not sure the data of Leaseweb’s customers, which includes many file-sharing site, has indeed been compromised.

The LeaseWeb Security team said, website should be back to normal in a few hours. No customer data compromised. We continue to investigate, But hacker posted in facebook saying  "No customer data compromised ! sure?! :| investigate ? will you find any thing ?"

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