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Indonesian Hackers are Hit back to Australian Police Websites

Indonesian hackers have targeted the Australian police website Crime Stoppers website and published the purported emails and encrypted passwords of 25 government and police addresses.

The phones of Indonesia’s highest officials were tapped appear in the 2009 leaks released by Edward Snowden to the Guardian and ABC TV news.

This is the latest such attack by the hacker group, calling itself BlackSinChanl, and whose latest Facebook post read "This is the payback for Spying [on] Indonesia!" the Australian Associated Press reported. 

"We love Australia. We love our country. But stop spying at my country. And remember, this is not for famous [sic]. This is for payback. We will be back." 

The hackers also acquired and published encrypted passwords of members of some Australian police websites. The statement said: “Today we only release some email and pass only! This is a warn for Australian government!”

The Crime Stoppers site was taken offline while the Australian federal police and other authorities assessed the extent of the hacking. Crime Stoppers servers had to be shut down as a precaution after some log-in details to other websites in a largely harmless attack.

An Australian Federal Police(AFP) spokesman said the force was taking the the attacks “very seriously” but added that any attack on the AFP website – which was targeted directly last night – did not compromise its internal IT network. “No sensitive information is hosted on the AFP website”

According to Guardian Australia the deputy chairman of Crime Stoppers, Peter Price expected the site to be back up again by Wednesday at the latest.

Price described the attack as an “intimidation tactic”, saying it was more like “throwing a rock through a shop window rather than robbing the shop itself”. He said no classified information had been hacked but would not give details on how far into the system the hackers had reached.

Mr.Peter Price said “The most important information sits behind a federal government firewall”.

Guardian Australia and the ABC revealed that Australian spying authorities had targeted the personal mobiles of the Indonesian president, his wife and eight of his inner circle, there have been a number of hacking attempts from Indonesia on important Australian sites.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) said no critical information was leaked or stolen after the group allegedly accessed the log-in details of one of the Crime Stoppers website members.

"Yes, the website was hacked and yes, they published information on the internet, which was not of any critical relevance," said Crime Stoppers deputy chairman, Peter Price, adding that some information published was real, while other, including the passwords, was not. 

"We were alerted by the Department of Defense, which monitors the security of the website [and] taken a number of measures to reduce any risk factors. And so on Friday we decided to close down the email server.” 

The police also explained that the logins and passwords published by the hackers still would not grant anyone access to the police’s secure server, which often stores sensitive information, including crime tip-offs submitted by the public. 

"All of the intelligence that basically sits within the Crime Stoppers database, which is information from people about criminal matters, is sitting very deep in servers protected by the government's firewall," Pierce explained. 

"I think the thing to understand here is that this is more about an intimidation tactic and a scare tactic than it is about anything really significant,"

The Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott had decided upon the personal delivery to ensure the letter was “conveyed with the utmost respect, befitting the importance of the subject matter and his high regard for President Yudhoyono"

Indonesia has officially downgraded its relationship with Australia in the wake of the phone tapping scandal, suspending all co-operation on efforts to target people smuggling as well as cancelling all joint military exercises.

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