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US Army Released Document Regarding Syrian Electronic Army

A new document written by the US Army describes the threat and methods employed by the Syrian Electronic Army in its propagandist war against supporters of the rebels in Syria's civil war. 

Journalist and deputy social media editor with Reuters based in New York City, Matthew Keys published a document and the Title is Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) Targets Qatar. It was written by the Complex Operational Environment and Threat Integration Directorate (CTID).

The SEA is a disconnected group of syrian IT professionals who are intent on combating what they view as unjust media coverage of the Syrian government and external support for the rebels. This SEA organised from 2011.

The SEA has attacked news agencies Govt. websites, Universities and organisations deemed hostile to the Syrian Government. In October 2013, SEA hacked into a domain registry containing information about a number of different Qatari websites.

The National Security Agency (NSA) domestically is putting more focus on cyber activities around the world. The NSA more sophisticated operations have overshadowed the less complicated, but nonetheless effective, cyber attacks conducted nuisance attacks on numerous sites around the world in support of the Syrian government.

The SEA is not a monolithic organisation, but operates in a decentralized fashion in a manner similar to insurgent cells. Loosely-aligned affiliations allow hackers to contribute to mutual goals, but without a hierarchical structure. On the SEA's new-defunct website, it listed a number of hacker of hacker who had an identity under the SEA's umbrella organisation, but were able to operate independently.The website recently taken down by its domain registering host, recruited anyone interested in furthering the Syrian government cause.

There is no evidence, however, that these attacks are swaying anyone to the side of Syria. Indeed, there is evidence that continued attacks may complicate the SEA's cause. In the aftermath of an attack on the New York times, the SEA's webpage was taken down by the internet register hosting the site. one of the more bizarre and interesting results of the SEA's growing prominence is its challenge to one of the most notorious and infamous international hacker group.

The cyber gangs are fighting over the territory, Anonymous and the SEA faced off on opposing sides of the Syrian conflict beginning in 2011. Attacks have been accompanied by the tough talk typical of two gangs, each trying to one-up the other. SEA is clearly a force of disruption, and the long-term implications of its continued presence might very well remain what they are today primary a nuisance or the implications might become more serious if the SEA's message gains greater influence.

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