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Biometric Smartphones to be Mainstream in 2014

In September, Apple released the iPhone 5s, which included a fingerprint reader, in the hope of bolstering security and improving usability. Other mobile makers, keen to jump on the biometric bandwagon, could soon embed the technology in their own devices.

The Ericsson survey is based on annual interviews with over 100,000 individuals in more than 40 countries and 15 megacities.Biometric smartphones were one of the survey's standout trend predictions.

Smartphones are still important, however, and the advent of cheaper smartphones means that consumers no longer need costly computing devices to access internet services

Ericsson said it found that 52 per cent of smartphone users want to use their fingerprints instead of passwords and 48 per cent are interested in using eye-recognition to unlock their screen. A total of 74 per cent believe that biometric smartphones will become mainstream during 2014.

Wider use of biometric technology will be good news for Swedish firms Fingerprint Cards and Precise Biometrics, which are leading suppliers in the field.

Fingerprint makes sensors while Precise Biometrics makes software for such sensors.

While Apple currently holds the fingerprint-unlocking smartphone monopoly, mobile makers are expected in the coming year to include increasingly seamless ways of unlocking devices and securing data — particularly as the bring-your-own-device  trend continues to grow even further.

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