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New Security Features for Microsoft Accounts

Microsoft had stated that they are "focused on engineering improvements that will further strengthen security," and evidence has begun to take root with a collection of new security features that will be added to existing and new Microsoft accounts. The new features will be rolling out over the next few days and include a new Recent Activity tab, Recovery Codes, and increased security notifications. 

The new Recent Activity tab can be found under your Microsoft Account settings. The new section will show you every instance of your recent activity regarding your accounts. Your Microsoft account crosses a variety of spectrums including your Windows PC, Windows Phone,, SkyDrive, Xbox, and more. When a user signs into your account information will be logged, including the IP address of the sign in, the user's device platform, the user's web browser, and an approximation of their location. 

The Redmond-based company followed in the footsteps of many other online services and started offering two-step verification for Microsoft account holders, with Doerr in his blog post recommending anyone who hasn’t yet implemented the security feature to do so in order to better protect their account.

Doerr also said Monday that the latest update addresses users’ concerns about what happens if they lose or change security information provided as part of the two-step verification process, with a new option to create a secure recovery code that can also be used to access an account.

The two-step verification setup requires two verified pieces of security information, like a phone number and email address, it will be a rare occasion when both options fail, but in the event they do, we’ve got you covered. We’ve added the ability to create a secure recovery code, which can be used to regain access to your account if you lose access to your other security information.

Anybody can add a recovery code to their account. Your recovery code is like a spare key to your house – so make sure you store it in a safe place. You can only request one recovery code at a time; requesting a new code cancels the old one.

More control over how you receive security notifications. So we’ve added the ability for you to choose where we send notifications. Again, this is all about giving you greater visibility and control of your account so that we can work together to help keep your information safe.

This new additions to security have come from Microsoft listening to user feedback, so as they are saying, "keep the feedback coming - it really helps!". 

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