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Samsung Galaxy S4 Security Vulnerability Discovered

Cybersecurity researchers at Israel's Ben-Gurion University of the Negev have exposed a vulnerability in Samsung's Galaxy S4 smartphone that could allow tracking emails and recording data communications.

Researchers are found a major hole in Samsung's Knox security software that leaves Galaxy S4 devices used for enterprise and government work vulnerable to hackers.

The core Knox architecture cannot be compromised or infiltrated by such malware. The Knox platform isn't preloaded on the Galaxy S4, and despite being preloaded on devices such as the Galaxy Note 3, the researchers have said that the problem only affects the S4 smartphone.

The discovery of he security flaw was first reported in the Wall Street Journal.

Ben-Gurion University's Cyber Security Lab Researcher Mordechai Guri said that the vulnerability would let a cyber attacker 'easily intercept' secure information of a user of a Knox-enabled Galaxy device.

"The new unveiled vulnerability presents a serious threat to all users of phones based on this architecture, such as users of the Samsung Galaxy S4."

The Galaxy S4 is one of the world's most popular smartphones. While Samsung doesn't regularly release sales data for its devices, the company said in May that it sold more than 10 million units within the first month of its commercial debut.

Knox wasn't initially preloaded on Galaxy S4 devices, but any user can now download the system. The Knox program comes preloaded on Samsung's Galaxy Note 3. The system can be turned off by any user.

Samsung said it was looking into the allegations, but that an initial investigation showed it wasn't as serious as the Ben Gurion researchers have maintained.

A spokesperson for the U.S Department of Defense stated that while the government doesn't comment on possible security vulnerabilities, no device would be used by the Pentagon until it was proven secure and added that while the Department of Defense purchased 500 Galaxy S4 units for testing as part of a 'pilot program', the Knox security platform for Samsung devices has not yet been approved for use on Pentagon networks.

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