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Sync iCloud with non-Apple Sevices

iCloud service for synchronizing personal data across Apple devices is designed to work best with Apple's own hardware, but the company has software that brings iCloud to Windows computers too.

As for using the calendar on an Android or another non-Apple portable device, you may be able to find apps or workarounds to help.

You may find Apple's instructions for setting up the full iCloud service on a Windows computer at; calendar updates are pushed to Microsoft Outlook on a PC.

You can also log in to the family calendar with a desktop web browser (like internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome) at icloud. com/#calendar from a Windows PC.

You may get error messages about having an unsupported browser if you try to log into the iCloud website from a mobile device, but apps like Smooth Sync for Cloud Calendar  bring your iCloud datebook to an Android gadget.

Some users on other mobile platforms have found ways to get their iCloud calendar information on other devices, like a BlackBerry Z10 or a Windows Phone using the CalDAV standard.

If you decide to switch to a non-Apple device, you can find plenty of blogs and tech sites with steps and tips for the technical fiddling needed to get iCloud calendars on the various other mobile platforms.

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