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Tajikistan's Domain Register compromised

Tajikistan’s domain registrar (domain.tj) have been compromised by an Iranian hacker who uses the online moniker Mr.XHat, had attacked the number of high-profile domains.

The hacked high profile website are Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Amazon they are redirected to a defaced page on yesterday.Actually what happen is Tajikistan’s Domain registrar (domain.tj) authority has been hacked, that allows the hacker to access domain control panel.

Iranian hacker 'Mr.XHat' successfully managed to change the DNS records from the domain register control panel of attack websites and defaced them for about a day. 

The hacker claims he had exploited a Directory Traversal vulnerability to gain access to the domain’s registrar administration panel. He also says he accessed the MySQL database containing customer credentials.

Below is the mirrors of defaced websites


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