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Central African Republic-TV Targeted by Moroccan Hackers

Yesterday Moroccan Hackers have targeted Central African Republic-TV to share there words to the world again. From last few days Moroccan Hackers group going with the handle "Moroccan Islamic Union-Mail" are continuously targeting Government websites.

After the Hack of Television of Mozambique, 6 Government Websites of Italy & Seychelles National Meteorological Services, Moroccan Islamic Union-Mail were actively defacing Government websites and important websites.

Central African Republic-TV  website was defaced and showing a deface page as shown in the screenshot below:

The defaced website was showing a short message in arabic:

بعد فشل الرهبان و الكنائس في تنصير افريقيا بالدعوة ..الان يقومون بإبادة مسلمين افريقيا بطريقة فنية فبعد مالي الان جاء الدور على
حال مسلمي أفريقيا الوسطى على يد العصابات ..الان سنبدآ بالرد فلتتسع مواقعكم لحرية أفعالنا .. ومهما فعلتم سوف يبقى الاسلام قي انتشار لأنه دين الله اللذي أراده لعباده

In English :
After the failure of the monks and churches to evangelize in Africa .. now they are calling for the extermination of Muslims Africa artistic way after Mali now it was the turn
If the Muslims of Central Africa at the hands of gangs .. Now we will start to respond expand your positions for the freedom of our actions .. Whatever you do will remain a valuable spread of Islam because the religion of God, who is wanted for slaves.

Link of targeted website along with its mirror can be found below: 


At the time of writing this article, the website still defaced.

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