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European Parliament Proposed to protect EU Citizen's Privacy

On Wednesday the European Parliament should respects EU citizens’ data privacy, says an inquiry report on NSA and EU member states surveillance of EU citizens, approved by the Civil Liberties Committee.

According to NetSecurity, the data protection rules should be excluded from the trade talks and negotiated separately with the US.

The text, passed by 33 votes to 7 with 17 abstentions, condemns the “vast, systemic, blanket collection of personal data of innocent people, often comprising intimate personal information”

The fight against terrorism can never be a justification for untargeted, secret or even illegal mass surveillance programmes.

rapporteur Claude Moraes (S&D, UK) said, "We now have a comprehensive text that for the first time brings together in-depth recommendations on Edward Snowden's allegations of NSA spying and an action plan for the future. 

The Civil Liberties Committee inquiry came at a crucial time, along with Snowden´s allegations and the EU data protection regulation. I hope that this document will be supported by the full Parliament and that it will last beyond the next European Parliament's mandate"

The EU needs a “digital new deal”, to be delivered by the joint efforts of EU institutions, member states, research institutions, industry and civil society, say MEPs, noting that some telecoms firms have clearly neglected the IT security of their users and clients.

MEPs also urge member states to accelerate their work on draft EU data protection reform legislation so that it can be passed by the end of this year.

Trust in US cloud computing and cloud providers has been damaged by surveillance practices, MEPs note. They propose that Europe should develop its own clouds and IT solutions to ensure a high standard of personal data protection. 

The UK, France, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and Poland should clarify the allegations of mass surveillance including potential agreements between intelligence services and telecoms firms on access to and exchange of personal data and access to transatlantic cables and their compatibility with EU laws

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