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Largest DDoS Attack Hit to CloudFlare

CloudFlare is a content delivery network and distributed domain name server service marketed as improving website performance and speed and providing security.

On February 10, 2013 Cloudflare Europe and US-based servers are hit by a massive DDoS(Denial of Service ) attack that exceeded 400 Gbps, making it the largest such attack ever seen. 
The Attackers found a weakness in the Network Time Protocol (NTP), which is used to synchronize computer clocks and poured huge amounts of data into the servers.

The attack is targeted by one of CloudFlare's customers, It was first discovered by CloudFlare CEO Matthew Prince tweeted, "Very big NTP reflection attack hitting us right now. Appears to be bigger than the #Spamhaus attack from last year"

Prince posted a second tweet warning that this attack is just the beginning and more nefarious attacks will be on the horizon.

"Someone's got a big, new cannon," Prince tweeted. "Start of ugly things to come."  

Security experts around the world warned that the NTP could be exploited for exactly this purpose and many advised companies to prepare their defenses for this kind of attack. 

Cloudflare was one of the most vocal about the problem. Three months ago, Cloudflare published a report warning its clients and others that the NTP would soon be targeted.

the attacker taps a toolkit such as DNS Flooder v1.1, which DDoS defense firm Prolexic said first appeared on underground hacking forums about six months ago.

The company warned that the DNS-attack toolkit has since been used to launch a number of reflection attacks, with some successfully amplifying the initial attack bandwidth by a factor of 50.

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