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New Android Malware Tool, AndroRAT

Malware authors are not much different and need to adapt to survive in changing technological landscapes and marketplaces.A new free Android remote administration tool (RAT) known as AndroRAT (Android.Dandro).

This malware can be used to create “trojanized” apps legitimate applications with malicious code added to them—that connect back to a command-and-control server over HTTP and allow attackers to perform a variety of malicious actions on devices that have those apps installed.

Dendroid’s features include deleting call logs and files; calling phone numbers; opening Web pages; recording calls and audio from the microphone; intercepting text messages; taking and uploading photos and videos; opening applications and launching HTTP flood (denial-of-service) attacks for a period of time specified by the attacker.

Bogdan Botezatu, a senior e-threat analyst at Bitdefender said “Dendroid is a much improved remote access tool that is definitely aimed for commercial purposes” 

“Although it roughly does the same as Androrat [an older Android RAT], it appears to be much more stable and allows cybercriminal groups to better manage the pool of mobile bots.”

According to Botezatu, the commercialization of professionally designed DIY malware for Android is a significant development and signals a shift in the malware landscape for the platform.

Crimeware toolkits like Zeus (Trojan.Zbot) and SpyEye (Trojan.Spyeye) started off in a similar manner and grew quickly in popularity due to their ease of use and notoriety stemming from the high profile crimes perpetrated as a result of their usage.

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