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Threat Intelligence on Domain Registrars

A new foundation aims to prevent cyber crime by making sure the domain name industry receives the needed intelligence to immobilize criminals.

The Secure Domain Foundation (SDF) is a Canadian incorporated not-for-profit organization dedicated to the vision of an open and secure Internet.

Their primary mission is to provide Domain Name Registrars, registries (ccTLD & gTLD), hosting providers, DNS operators, and other Internet infrastructure providers with the tools they need to combat abuse of their services and a forum for sharing intelligence on bad actors.

They provide a reputation and validation API which allows users to quickly identify potential abuse; as well as enabling Domain Registrars to meet and exceed several of the "Whois Accuracy Program" compliance requirements outlined in ICANN's 2013 Registrar Accreditation Agreement.

The validation API, the SDF also produces private daily data feeds for Registrars, Registries, and other select parties that remediate the abuse of DNS and Domain registration.

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