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Al Arabiya Hacked by NullCrew

The strong hacker group NullCrew hacked Al Arabiya servers and published a list of the company's mail servers and a link to the root file with the vulnerability it used to penetrate the system on Pastebin.

NullCrew is a hacktivist group founded in 2012 that takes responsibility for multiple high profile computer attacks against corporations, educational institutions, and government agencies. 

It's members are listed as: Zer0Pwn, 0rbit, and Siph0n. NullCrew is often compared to LulzSecurity, even though the group has lasted twice as long; and is still going strong.

Al Arabiya News is the English-language service of the Al Arabiya News Channel, the leading 24-hour news station in the Arab world. Al Arabiya News seeks to reach an international audience in order to deepen understanding of Arab societies, cultures and economies.

The attack and public shaming of Al Arabiya is part of NullCrew's campaign to bring pain to media megacorporations.

This time, NullCrew FTS joined with The Horsemen Of Lulz for a smash and grab that appears to have netted access credentials to all accounts on the mail server of Al Arabyia's patent company, MBC.

Most Al Arabiya staff and admin have email accounts. Null Crew and Four Horsemen state in their Pastebin post NullCrew & TheHorsmenLulz vs AlArabiya, "We ripped the important passwords and users from the localconfig.xml."

Hackers are posted the targeted subdomains in Pastebin, they are:    

Al Arabiya demographics place it second in reach to Al Jazeera, which claims to attract over 40 million viewers daily.

ZDNet has reached out to Al Arabiya for comment and will update this article accordingly.

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