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Internet in Your Pocket WiFi Suit Coming

In a curious interpretation of what it means to the portable technology, the Dutch designer has created his Borre Akkersdijk BB.Suit tage, which can become a WiFi hotspot.

Akkersdijk has created a high-tech garment also contains modules GPS, NFC and Bluetooth, making its user in a kind of walking access point.

The creator of the BB Suit has managed to integrate copper wires into the clothing, which can then be attached to apparatus that allow a wi-fi signal to be produced.

‘The copper goes in during the manufacturing process, and big spots are left open within the design so we can put chips and stuff in,’ he said.

Akkersdijk said "If we really want to create a portable platform, we have to solve a lot of problems in which technology and textiles and clothing intersect." 

His team managed to solve most of these problems by hiding the battery, processor boards, and drive the user interface in the pockets of the BB.Suit 's, although many manufacturing challenges are pending. 

Under the musical festival U.S. technology, the suit passed his litmus test broadcasting its location via Google Maps and allowing musicians to present a total load of 22 subjects to a special page that used to own suit as access point.

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