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Yahoo Encrypts Users Data to Protect from NSA

After revelations by whistleblower Edward Snowden of internet surveillance, recently Yahoo decided and announced that is they are encrypting user data in an attempt to win back trust.

Yahoo all traffic between its datacentres is now encrypted and it has enabled the encryption of mail between its servers and other mail providers.

In January, Yahoo Mail more secure by making browsing over HTTPS the default. In the last month, they enabled encryption of mail between our servers and other mail providers that support the SMTPTLS standard.

They are implemented the latest in security best-practices, including supporting TLS 1.2, Perfect Forward Secrecy and a 2048-bit RSA key for many of our global properties such as Homepage, Mail and Digital Magazines and currently working to bring all Yahoo sites up to this standard.

Yahoo said it planned to introduce additional security to other services – including Yahoo Messenger with an encrypted version, to be deployed in a month, to block government spying.

Stamos wrote, “This isn’t a project where we’ll ever check a box and be ‘finished.’ Our fight to protect our users and their data is an on-going and critical effort. We will continue to work hard to deploy the best possible technology to combat attacks and surveillance that violate our users’ privacy.”

In coming months Yahoo work with and encourage thousands of our partners across all of Yahoo’s hundreds of global properties to make sure that any data that is running on network is secure. 

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