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Dogecoin Wallet Service Doge Vault Hacked

Popular dogecoin wallet service Doge Vault( has confirmed speculation that its service has been hacked by cybercriminals, it has not revealed how many of customers deposits have been stolen.

On Monday, Doge Vault shut down its website without revealing why, but on Tuesday it confirmed widespread speculation that it had been hacked. 

The hackers were able to destroy all the data on the virtual machines. Doge Vault writes that it is trying to determine the extent of the attack and the impact on users’ wallet funds. 

Doge Vault temporarily halted its services.The online Dogecoin wallet provider explained,

“On the 11th of May, the Doge Vault online wallet service was compromised by attackers, resulting in a service disruption and tampering with wallet funds.”

The creator and sole maintainer of Doge Vault, Asad Haider added that customers should not transfer any funds to Doge Vault addresses while his investigation continues. 

Haider added that he will update customers on the situation with an additional statement including his findings and plan of action within the next 24-48 hours.

A user posted on Reddit that he’d lost nearly all of his 950,000 Dogecoin balance, the day that Doge Vault went offline. 

Dogecoin users speculated that this might have been some sort of hack attack. As it turns out that this was indeed the case. Now, it all depends on what Doge Vault will do to fix the situation.

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