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Fake Kaspersky Antivirus App Found on Google Play

Recently Security experts discovered a scam antivirus app on Google Play going by the name of Virus Shield. A distinct feature of this particular app was the fact that users had to pay for it most fake AV can initially be downloaded for free.

This meant its creators immediately started making money and didn’t have to demand payments from users to remove “malware” that had supposedly been detected on their computers. 

To avoid negative reviews on Google Play all that was required was to make it look like the app was doing something useful.

According to Securelist, the app, which also had to be paid for up front, went by the name of Kaspersky Mobile. The fact that there is no program with that name in Kaspersky Lab’s product line didn't deter the fraudsters they obviously didn't expect anyone to notice.

Virus Shield was followed by a series of other similar fake apps. Early last week, for instance, we detected two rather interesting fake antivirus programs.

This fake app pretends to carry out some useful activity such as “scanning” files. As well as showing “scan progress” it is supposedly performing a “heuristic analysis”. 

As a rule, antivirus solutions don’t display a separate progress bar for a heuristic analysis. The scammers seem to show a bit more knowledge about software developers and their name dropping wasn’t limited to Kaspersky Lab. 

The fake AV creators uploaded numerous other types of paid apps to Windows Phone Store that used the names and logos of several popular programs.

They include Google Chrome for 99 rubles (approx. $2.80), and Google Chrome Pro, which for some reason cost just 59 rubles. 

There are some “antivirus” applications from unknown developers, but upon closer inspection the only difference between them and Kaspersky Mobile turned out to be the logo and the colors used in the interface.

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