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Open Redirection & User Enumeration Bugs Found on

Open Redirection and User Enumeration Bug Found on Bitcasa, Inc. is an American cloud storage company founded in 2011 in St. Louis, Missouri. The company is based in Mountain View, California.

This bug founded by independent security researcher Mr. Maulik Kotak started his career in whenever was 18 year old in ethical hacking and cyber security expert today.

User Enumeration:

One of the most common and underestimated web application vulnerability is the  user enumeration. We can figure out a list of valid user accounts that are allowed to login to an application. 

This isn’t just assuming there’s a common user called “Admin” and attempting to guess the password for that account.  Instead, this is the ability to compile a list of valid users based on a flaw in the registration process, login sequence, or password reset functionality.

original link site:

User Enumratio link is forget password payload link :
Now here are find user Enumeration to check the attacker which email is exit or not on this website now define demo just you  can see that.

Now You may check below Image You can see that attacker easily know that upper all id is not registred just registred attacker easily know because here are user Enumeration attack which email id is Exist or not.

Open Redirection:

An open redirect is an application vulnerability that takes a parameter and redirects a user to the parameter value without any validation. This vulnerability is used in phishing attacks to get users to visit malicious sites without realizing it.

To avoid the open redirect vulnerability, parameters of the application script/program must be validated before sending 302 HTTP code (redirect) to the client browser. The server must have a relation of the authorized redirections

original link site:

Open Redirection payload link is below :

Here if any user login to bitcasa website if attacker Send URL redirect if user click he/she automatically Redirect any other website which attacker want.!!

Now here are find open redirection please validate other URL not redirect security as Server Side Because Attacker Easily redirect to any Other URL like Phishing page or malware site.

This is very critical vulnerability patch and Fix it.

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