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Smart TVs Monitoring US ?

NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden told lawyers he met during his sojourn in Hong Kong to put their cell phones in his fridge to thwart any eavesdroppers.

Smart TVs with built-in microphones could be used as bugging devices by corrupting them with malware, according to software specialists NCC Group.

Security experts from the group warned, attackers would not even need physical access to the television to launch an attack.

Smart TVs seem to have been particularly soft targets. LG admitted that one of its models had been sending information during shows watched by their owners without informing them. 

After a successful hack of a Samsung Smart TV, Senator Charles E Schumer, a Democrat from New York addressed a letter to television manufacturers urging them to improve security.

Software escrow specialists NCC recently released a white paper examining potential solutions for the problems posed by so-called “Internet of Things” devices.

Many of these smart televisions are vulnerable to hackers who can spy on you while you’re watching TV in your living room. You expect to watch TV, but you don’t want the TV watching you.

Security researcher said, “Malicious apps could be downloaded from the manufacturer’s app store. The TV does have the option for auto-updating, so releasing a legitimate app, then releasing a malicious update, is another attack vector”

“The devices contain microphones and cameras that can be utilised by applications, Skype and similar apps being good examples.”

Software vulnerabilities and weak configurations made it easy for NCC staffers to break into home routers. compromised broadband gateways could be directed to servers under the control of crims, allowing the crooks to intercept sensitive e-banking or webmail usernames and passwords, for instance.

As for internet-connected coffee makers and such gear, compromising that kit provides a stepping stone into a home network for a criminal. Seemingly innocuous devices can be chained together to attack the home of the future.

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