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Breaking Domain Unsuspended and Back In Action

A day after the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit in the UK got the domain name of suspended, the leading torrent search engine is back in action. The site's Polish registrar restored the domain name's DNS entries after Torrentz' legal team pointed out that the suspension was unlawful.

torrentz-euWith millions of visitors per day Torrentz is one of the largest torrent sites on the Internet.

Yesterday many of its regular users were in for a surprise though, after their favorite search engine suddenly became unreachable.

It turned out that the site’s domain name registrar, the Poland-based company Nazwa, had suspended the domain. This drastic step was taken after they received a letter from the UK’s Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit.

In recent months City of London Police have targeted dozens of domains through their registrars. Some complied, but others refused to take action without a court order, which is appropriate in these cases.

At first Nazwa placed themselves in the first group, as they were quick to suspend the domain. However, it appears that the company was willing to listen to reason since their initial decision has now been reversed.

This morning’s old DNS entries were put back in place, replacing the and ones.

The Torrentz team informs TorrentFreak that their lawyer contacted the registrar yesterday afternoon. In a long letter the lawyer explained that the domain can’t simply be held hostage based on a third-party request.

Among other things, this argument is based on an earlier decision by ICANN’s Transfer Dispute Resolution Policy panel which concluded that a court order is required to take such drastic action.

While the registrar has not yet replied to the letter, the fact that the old DNS entries have been restored suggests that they admit that the suspension was in error.

The Torrentz team is happy with the outcome thus far and will continue operating from the .eu domain. The site should be accessible again worldwide, at least to those who have the latest DNS information.

The UK’s Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit informs TorrentFreak that it will release a statement on the suspension issues later today. We will update this article with that information when it arrives.

BY ERNESTO (TorrentFreak)

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