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Anonymous Hacker Sabu Helped FBI Stop Over 300 Cyber Attacks

Hector Xavier Monsegur, known as “Sabu”, helped the FBI send his friends to prison and stop some 300 cyber attacks over the past three years, according to court documents filed by prosecutors. 

Sabu used the moniker while working online. Sabu was arrested in June 2011 and identified as Hector Xavier Monsegur. Monsegur belonged to the hacking groups known as LulzSec and Anonymous.

The sentencing memo filed this week says Monsegur’s cooperation was instrumental in the arrest of Jeremy Hammond, who’s currently serving a 10-year prison term for hacking into global intelligence firm Strategic Forecasting in December 2011.

In 2011 the group struck a number of high-profile targets including Fox, Sony, Nintendo and, receiving extensive media attention for the light-hearted statements they published following these attacks and their apparent refusal to hack for financial profit. Mr Monsegur had previously stolen credit card information to pay his rent and other bills,

“Monsegur’s consistent and corroborated historical information, coupled with his substantial proactive cooperation and other evidence developed in the case, contributed directly to the identification, prosecution, and conviction of eight of his major co-conspirators, including Jeremy Hammond, who at the time of his arrest was the FBI’s number one cyber-criminal target in the world,” the memo says.

According to anonymousvideo Anonymous hackers said, We are FreeAnons and until every Anon is free we will attest to the Anonymous creed, “We do not forgive. We do not forget.” 

The storm may have passed but so long as our comrades are held captive we will not allow the seas to be calm nor any ship to take refuge in still waters.

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