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Aware About Hot Picture and Video Links in Facebook

Aware about new phishing websites that were created to look identical to authentic Facebook pages, Phishing is common across the Internet and redirects to the malicious sites.

Facebook users are in for a surprise if only they click on links promising never-seen-before nude pictures of celebrities from popular messaging app SnapChat.

Renowned security firm BitDefender claims that this latest breed of SnapChat scams is the work of CyberScammers.

The people behind these websites, known as "phishers," then use the information to access victims' accounts and send messages to their friends, further propagating the illegitimate sites.

Since phishing is an Internet-wide issue, Facebook also work closely with others in the online security industry to combat these threats.

When someone posts to their friends' Walls at a higher rate than usual, we flag the account as potentially compromised. Similar to online banking websites.

Chief security strategist at BitDefender Catalin Cosoi states that “Fraudulent websites promoting snapchat leaks and other ‘viral’ content could lead to identity fraud and financial losses.”

“Victims are usually subscribed to money-making surveys, and redirected to scams promising electronics or amazing diet pills. Bitdefender advises users to be suspicious of videos, Snapchats and pictures ‘leaked’ online, particularly on Facebook.”

Facebook has warned users not to click on strange links, even ones from friends. While it has taken steps to eradicate the practice, scams such as these keep coming back.

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