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Advantage Dental Compromised and 150000 Patients Information Hacked

Advantage Dental, a Redmond-based provider that serves low-income patients at more than 30 clinics in Oregon, on Monday they are announced that the company’s internal database of patient information was hacked in late February.

The unauthorized access occurred between 23rd Feb and 26th Feb. An intruder was able to gain access to the database through a computer that had been infected with malware. Advantage terminated the illegal access immediately upon discovery on 26th Feb.

Advantage operates dental clinics in more than 30 communities across the state, including Eugene, Cottage Grove, Lowell and Florence in Lane County.

The compromised data included names, Social Security numbers, birthdates, phone numbers and home addresses, but not treatment or financial information. 

No patients have reported their information was used for criminal activity, but Advantage says it’s covering the cost of an identify theft monitoring service for those affected and is working with law enforcement to determine the scope of the incident.

The company has reported the incident to the Oregan Attorney General’s office, the State Police and the US Secret Service, but there are currently no suspects.

Advantage has made to prevent future breaches is no longer allowing access to its internal patient database from computers that are not within Advantage clinics or its headquarters in Redmond.

It also controls the Internet sites its employees are able to use, although there is no indication the employee whose computer had malware was “surfing nefarious websites,”

Advantage has offered their resources as well as credit monitoring and call center support through credit-reporting company Experian. Affected patients will receive a letter with details on how to sign up for the services. In addition, patients can check Advantage's website

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